Peer Group Testimonials

Having conversations with the [peer support] group about ED prepared me for talking to health care professionals.

Coming to the group was finding a community, a positive presence.

Since participating in the group I’m learning how to listen to my body.

Since being in the group, I have been able to shore up my ability to think of myself as someone who is not a huge failure, which is a big deal. My sense of self as failure was holding me back.

The group helped me focus and stay on the path to recovery. I gained trust in fellow members and the facilitators—I learned to begin to trust my natural body cues.

I learned that I am much further in my recovery than I realized, and that I have to keep going in the direction I am headed. Recovery turned out to be a longer road than I originally thought but I am am now more mindful that it needs to be a daily commitment and I just need to keep working at it. Eventually I think I will find myself recovered without fully realizing it.

The group gave me a place to share my feelings with others who understood, and offered different perspectives or suggestions for change. It held me accountable . . . this made me really try to do better so I could share my accomplishments and hope for others.

The group gave me a chance to talk openly about my eating disorder, which in the past was very uncomfortable to do. I was always afraid people would find out. The group made me feel much lass alone with my disordered thoughts and allowed me to a accept myself more.