Learn More about Peer Support

Peer support is based on the belief that people who have fully recovered from an eating disorder are uniquely able to help others to find their own path to recovery.

Peer Support has a well established body of research showing its usefulness across a wide range of health conditions for:

  • reducing symptoms,
  • lowering reliance on formal health care use,
  • increasing a sense of self-efficacy,
  • providing necessary social support,
  • improving the ability to cope with stress,
  • enhancing the quality of life.

(Campbell & Leaver, 2003; Humphreys et al., 2004; Solomon, 2004)

Peer support is championed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

Peer supporters provide social and emotional support, practical information, encourage and model recovery, and simply listen with empathy. Peer support is not treatment or therapy.

EDNS offers group and individual peer support to those living with an eating disorder, and group support for those caring for someone with an eating disorder.

Our peer supporters have recovered from an eating disorder, successfully completed our training program and exam, and they adhere to the Standards of Practice of the Peer Support Accreditation and Certification Board Canada.

To learn more about peer support, watch this short video from the Peers For Progress Organization, A program of the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation