Advocate for Eating Disorders Nova Scotia Election 2021

We believe that everyone deserves access to the support and resources needed for recovery.

With the provincial election underway, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia is asking each political party to respond to this questionnaire. The responses will be shared in part on social media and full responses will be shared on our website.

Question 1

Access to critical mental health care providers, like therapists, are often out of reach financially for most Nova Scotians. Recent media reports confirm the substantial increased demand for professionals, but there are not enough professionals or resources to pay for services. What will your government do to increase access to mental health care professionals?

Question 2

Weight-based stigma and discrimination hurts us all and results in negative health outcomes. What policies and practices will your government enact to address weight stigma within the education and health care system?

Question 3

Delaying access to support and treatment for an eating disorder results in unnecessary suffering, higher healthcare and personal costs, and higher mortality rates. Early intervention, low barrier, low-intensity support, and assistance navigating our mental health system is essential to dealing with this crisis. How will your government increase the availability of community-based supports?

The 2021 Nova Scotia election

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