Our Story

Over twenty years ago, a small group of women—who had each recovered from an eating disorder—started discussing the power of a pro-recovery community. In 2000, they launched a community consultation to hear from those who had experienced an eating disorder, those who were currently struggling, families and friends, health care providers and others. As a result of this process, the Eating Disorders Action Group was formed.

The Eating Disorders Action Group quickly became a not for profit organization and started work to create supports for those impacted by eating disorders. For the next ten years our Peer Support Groups provided a welcoming, non-judgemental space for those working on recovery.

When the organization fell on hard times and struggled to remain afloat, a strategic decision was made to merge with the Self-Help Connection until the organization could be independent again. By 2012 we had created a new advisory board and secured funding and in 2014, we became Eating Disorders Nova Scotia.

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