You are not alone.

We believe that no one should have to face an eating disorder alone. We believe in inspiring hope, increasing understanding, and offering meaningful support at all stages of recovery. All our services are available without a referral or a diagnosis. 

Job Opportunity

Join our team

View any opportunity available to come work for us.

Counselling Services

Build skills and tools for your recovery.

Nutrition Counselling

Work with our Registered Dietitian to heal your relationship with food and your body.

Hope. Understanding. Encouragement.

Peer Support

We are here to support you on your recovery path. Our trained Peer Supporters are here to listen, provide non-judgemental support, and encouragement through our Chat, Groups, and Mentoring Program.


We’ve been there and we understand. Talking with someone who has recovered from an eating disorder can be very helpful.


Hosted by peer mentors, our online peer support is a safe, pro-recovery space for folks with eating disorders to connect, learn, and grow.

Online Chat
Peer Support

Connect twice a week in a safe, confidential space with others in a pro-recovery, non-judgmental environment moderated by our trained Peer Mentors.

Virtual Peer Support Group

Join us each Thursday as we support each other in recovery in a casual, relaxed, Zoom environment.

Family & Friends
Peer Support

Monthly meetings that are led by parents who have been there through the ups and downs of caring for someone with an eating disorder.

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