Mentoring: Individual Peer Support

Talking with someone who has recovered from an eating disorder can be very helpful. Our Mentoring Program provides tailored, informal and non-judgmental support from a mentor who has recovered from an eating disorder and completed 40 hours of peer support training and examinations.

You will be matched to a mentor who truly understands your struggles and together you will decide where you are most comfortable meeting, how often you will meet and for how long.

You do not require a referral or a diagnosis to access this program, which is free of charge.

Interested in receiving or learning more about individual peer support? Contact Eating Disorders Nova Scotia at or call 902-229-8436.

Meet our Peer Mentors


Hi! I’m Laura. I moved to Halifax in 2008 to go to NSCAD and stayed for the ocean. Learning how to properly nourish myself, paired with visiting a therapist with a holistic approach were the most helpful tools for my recovery. I chose to join the peer mentor program to support and empower others to find their own paths to healing. I love yoga, space & science documentaries, and I am currently studying to become an aromatherapist.


After many years of battling Bulimia Nervosa, I am now 4 years in recovery. I am happy to be working towards my Bachelor of Social Work degree, and hope to work in a pediatric eating disorders clinic in the future. My hobbies include practicing yoga, watching every documentary available on Netflix, and petting dogs that I see on my walks around Halifax.


I'm originally from Vancouver Island, but I fell in love with Halifax and set up roots. My disordered eating habits began when I was 7 and escalated through my teens and young adulthood when I started university. Relationships I made through peer support was the main proponent for my recovery, and continues to be a resource from which I draw strength. Something fun about myself? My friends call me a Chameleon because the colour of my hair changes so often.


I was born and raised in Wabush, NL and have been living in Halifax since 2013 with my husband and two children. I am a wellness coach with a background in the health and fitness as well as a musician in my “spare time”. Since losing a friend to anorexia and from my own struggles with the disease as a teen, I have become passionate about helping others find recovery. I believe support and hope are key to recovery and that it is possible for everyone.


I became interested in peer support after experiencing Nova Scotia's lack of resources during my own recovery process. I now work as a vegan chef in Halifax and have been maintaining recovery for 7 years.

We gratefully acknowledge the support form the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, and the Medavie Health Foundation that made this work possible.